Vilniaus Vasilijaus Kacialovo Gimnazija – Lituania

Vilnius, Lituania

Características y oferta educativa:

Vasily Kachialov gymnasium is located in the Lithuanian capital city, Vilnius. For the last thirty years it has been one of the best schools in Lithuania. It was opened in 1975. With about 600 students (age range from 12-19) studying and 70 teachers, the gymnasium offers a broad range of general education. The gymnasium is a multicultural and multi-linguistic school. Its main aim is to educate students in the best possible ways in terms of languages, natural science, IT. We teach using varied approaches, linking all curriculum areas where possible to ensure that the learning is relevant , students centred, practical, motivating and meaningful. We are interested in gaining, exchanging and developing teaching and educative experience through participation and communication in different projects with different countries.

We also use drama frequently in lots of curriculum areas as we believe the students benefit enormously from many types of drama. We have a drama studio “Harlequin”, which is famous for its performances not only in Lithuania but in other countries. Every year students succeed in the district, state, the Baltic and international contests of physics, mathematics, information and chemistry and in other subjects’ contests.
The V. Kachialov gymnasium is a lively place with high expectations, a caring atmosphere, an exciting challenging curriculum but, above all it is a place where students really want to come to reach their maximum potential, to be happy and confident, adventurous and determined to succeed, ready to become responsible and healthy global citizens.