Scoala Gimnaziala Vălişoara – Rumanía

Valisoara, Rumania.

Características y oferta educativa:

Școala Gimnazială Vălișoara is a general secondary school, from Hunedoara County Romania. The school is divided into three levels: a kindergarten, a primary school and a gymnasium. It is a small school. In the kindergarten level there are 15 students, in the primary school – 40 students and in the gymnasium – 30 students. Regarding the staff, it consists of teachers (10), auxiliary teaching staff (2) and also non-teaching staff (3).

The school provides the general training of the children from Vălișoara commune. It follows the national curriculum for general secondary school.
The school is located in the center of Vălişoara. The economic activity of the village is characterized by the existence of a growing business community, represented by companies and freelancers, with local activities. Traditionally, in the past, most of the inhabitants were engaged in mining activities, but after the closing of the mines, the working population of the village turned to other fields.

Vălişoara village is located in the mountain area. Because of this, cultivated arable land cannot lead to higher yields so the people can cultivate only basic crops. The products are used in households to feed people and animals.
As farming and animal husbandry cannot provide a decent living, most of the active population is working in different fields.

As a result, those dealing mainly with animal husbandry and cultivation of the land are the elders. There are also few locals who are working abroad because of the reduced number of jobs and career opportunities available in the area. There are no local programs for the retraining of the workforce, which leads to a slower adaptation of mature and elderly rural population to change and the challenges of today’s world in general and to the phenomena of retraining in particular.

In the commune there is no development of the NGO sector, which could have contributed, among other things, to an increase of visibility of the village and could also help attract European funds.

The education of the inhabitants of the area is rather average, their attitude towards school is still positive. There is a relationship of partnership between school and parents that assures a fundamental support to achieving school performance.