Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi – Turquía

Corum, Turquía

Características y oferta educativa:

Located at the city center of Çorum, Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi, which was built in the late 2000’s, is an urban school with almost 1000 students aged from 14 to 18. We have a rich and diverse roll with 65 teachers in our school family.

Learning a new language is one of our school vital goals . As a school, we try to serve our students to be able to speak a foreign language with our 9 English Language Teachers and 3 Deutch ones.

We know that technology changes rapidly so we provide quality Internet-based education for our students. Our techonology staffs teach the students to use the specific ICT tools in education.

Being a big school ,we can offer a wide variety of courses to be selected by the students. We have different kinds of students when thinking about their social background and their level of academic achievement. Year by year we have more students coming from foreign countries or students having foreign background parents. The social and economic situation is quite a problem and the number of unemployed parents is increasing. Our school uses many ways to raise money to help socially not included children.

The curriculum at Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi is designed to help every student to reach their individual potential and as a result we have several pathways for students to succeed. After lessons, we have extra evening courses for each students.

Students are encouraged to participate in education outside the classroom. A large range of sports like playground, the cycle shed, the gym next to the building and a sports ground with a running track bring chance to do sport activities like football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton. Consequently, our teachers are used to make adaptations to the syllabus to achieve their complete success in sport in regular classes and to assure them to reach at least the basic knowledge requested by the National Turkish Educational System.
Our Counsellors provide confidential and professional support in matters of a personal, family or educational nature. They meet weekly to discuss students’ needs. Moreover, there is a school counselor who is qualified in the filed of students with special learning needs. He teaches us how to behave with special learning needs students without hurting their feelings.

Every month, we have career days and seminars about various of topics according to students’ needs given by university staff by this way, we involve actively parents in the community by supporting students’ learning and development.

The school works with institutions in the community and region. Cooperation with our students parents’ is also very active, parents often prepare different workshops for pupils and they take part in school events. We practise a ‘parental school’, organizing lectures and workshops, which have been well accepted, too.

All students’ successes are celebrated in assemblies and newsletters. There is an active School Council who works hard for their fellow students.
Music, Drama and Visual Arts play an important role in our school. The school also offers a wide range of musical opportunities. These include a Music Suite; tuition in orchestra, piano, instrumental, guitar and vocals. Regular performances are given by our Professional music teachers. We have multilateral and multicultural school choirs. We have dance and drama teachers who develop individual talents and skills. We nurture individual talent and skills, and encourage students to become creative. At the end of each year, we perform a theatre play on the stage of Çorum National Theatre Hall. In addition to this, we have school exhibition that include students’ paintings and photographs.

Moreover, Our school prepares the active participation in various projects,including exchanges with other European schools and other programs (f. ex. Erasmus +) to increase their ability to meet representatives of other cultures which we feel is becoming ever more important in the globalizing world. Students and teachers are participating the Comenious Projects organize meeting sessions in order to share their experiences and obvervasions after each mobility. Moreover, they prepare Comenious Corner including mobility pictures and memories. They are very helpful and useful to get students’ attention. So, more and more students are getting eager to participate the projects.