ISSS ‘Concetto Marchesi’ – Italia

Mascalucia, Sicilia, Italia.

Características y oferta educativa:

Our school provides for three courses of education:

  1. Secondary school focus on Humanities ( like Grammar School in UK);
  2. Second level College of Science;
  3. Polytechnic school specializing in Chemistry, Materials and Bio-Technology.

Now the school has got 88 teachers, 25 not-teaching staff,  44 classes with 1085 students who come from a big area of Catania hinterland and towns round the Volcano Etna. The school provides for the students’ transport with public or private means of transport that make the school easily reachable.

The school “ Concetto Marchesi” is always active to propose efficient and educational paths with curricular and extra-curricular activities. The school firstly considers the students’, families’ and district needs.

Secondary School focused on humanities

  • Cultural heritage of  Civilities and  Grammar school traditions;
  • Methodological accuracy through the study of Humanistic and scientific subjects;
  • Solid and rich educational paths to every University.

Subjects: Italian, Latin, Greek, English Language and Literature, History, Geo-History, Philosophy, Maths, ICT, Physics, Natural science, Art History, P.E., Religion.

Second Level College of Science

  • Enhancement of logical and incisive/critical capacities;
  • Acquisition of an autonomous and productive study method;
  • Scientific and Humanistic proficiencies useful to afford University.

Subjects: Italian, Latin, English Language and Literature, Geo-History, Philosophy, Maths, Phtsics, ICT, Natural Science ( Biology – Chemistry), Graphic Arts and Art History, P.E., Religion.

Polytechnic school specializing in chemistry, materials and bio-technology.

  • Knowledge of Bio-Chemical and Microbiological Systems, of rules regarding Environment defense and safety;
  • Proficiencies on Materials, chemical-Biological analysis through lab activities;
  • Proficiencies for the job world regarding the environmental Technologies.

Subjects: Italian,  Latin ( extra -curricular ), English Language, History/Citizenship/Constitution, Maths, Law and Economics, Science, Biology, Technologies and Techniques of Graphics, Physics, ICT, Chemical and Bio-Technological Knowledges.

The High school ‘Concetto Marchesi’ has got a teachers’ team regarding inclusion who puts great attention to BES ( special learning needs) students and a self-assessment team. It has got a long experience in language projects as P.O.N. ( Operational National Plan) and POR like stages abroad which aims at the language competences with the Cambridge pet/first/advanced certifications and with the Kangourou contest. The school also takes part in the European contest ‘Together in Expo 2015’ and at the moment there’s a twinning exchange with the St. Olave’s Grammar school in Kent (UK). We collaborates with A.G.E.R.E. – Young Educational Recreational Etna Association – ONLUS ( Moreover , in the Italian school, it is applied the CLIL Methodology for the 5th classes and as an experimental project in the 3rd and 4th ones.

The Italian school heads up the Eastern Sicilian Delegation of the ‘Centrum Latinitatis Europae’ in collaboration with Messina and Catania Universities and participates in Latin and Greek National Competition ‘Certamen’ and attends some National scientific Contests on Maths as Scientific Competition “the Archimedes’ Prize”, the Maths National Games.

In the last years, it has been involved in a Comenius project. In the Italian school it is applied the CLIL methodology for the 5th classes and as an experimental project in the 3th and 4th on Science and Physics. The school heads up the Eastern Sicilian delegation of the » Centrum Latinitatis Europae» with Messina and Catania Universities. The teachers involved in the projects are English, Science, Maths ( specialised in self-assessment), ICT and Assistant teachers, the non-linguistic teachers has got a B1 English language competence. The teachers involved have got many and different experiences in Multilateral Partnership, National Seminars, eTwinning Multilateral Seminars and Workshops. The English teacher, who is the Erasmus coordinator, works regularly on eTwinning projects in the eTwinning platform and has got an eTwinning National Quality Label last year.