C5 Italia

ISSS ‘Concetto Marchesi’


Sicily, 8 to 13 May 2017)

Antonio Valverde and Mercedes Cabello, participant teachers of the Erasmus+ Project called ATFI (All Together for Inclusion) represented Spain, together with 10 students from IES Playa San Juan, Alicante, in the mobility to Sicily that was held in the school called Concetto Marchesi in Mascalucia, Sicily on 8-13 May 2017. The whole week was full of activities inside and outside the school. Here is a summary of the activities in which mixed students and teachers of five different nationalities had the opportunity to enrich our spirits and share the importance of inclusion at school and in society.

Activities in Mascalucia:
Orienteering activity around the historical centre of Mascalucia. In teams of mixed nationalities wearing clothes of different colours, with a map of the city centre and different clues, we had to find letters to make words related to INCLUSION. These words would be later used for another activity which consisted of making sentences that contained the above mentioned words.
Icebreaking activity. Organised by the psychotherapist of the school. Different games that included oral communication and physical contact brought us all together in no time.
Poetry classroom. Each country brought a poem written by a famous writer or singer. First the students read it in their own language and then translated or explained it to the others in English, so that everybody could understand it. The Spanish team brought a poem written by Calderón de la Barca that is included in his universally known play La Vida Es Sueño (Life Is a Dream). The poem begins… Cuentan de un sabio que un día…

Creative activity. With paper, paints and materials of different colours and textures, all students decorated the “inclusion panel” that our Italian hosts had previously prepared for us. And we designed a lemon tree branch with messages from different nationalities written in the lemons.

Activities outside Mascalucia:
We visited Catania, with its classical past and its amazing Baroque churches.
We visited Taormina and its Greek-Roman theatre. Absolutely impressive (the town is a jewel and the views from the theatre are breathtaking).
We also enjoyed the archeological remains of Siracusa and Ortigia. We had a guided tour all through the city.
Then the big day arrived. The main activity that we shared in our stay in Sicily happened on Saturday, 13th of May:
Each country had to perform a fragment of a play by Shakespeare. Our play was the comedy Much Ado about Nothing. We chose it because it has to do with a time in history in which our part of Spain and Sicily were under the same crown, the Crown of Aragon. We thought the historical link was interesting. We had rehearsed the play carefully and worked hard on it; the result was very satisfactory. Our students learnt such a lot about teamwork and becoming different persons through the characters they had to perform. Acting in front of an international audience was a challenge too.
Both teachers and students coincide that the experience in this mobility was absolutely amazing, because of the way the Sicilian host families made the students feel at home, because of the organization of the activities and also because by sharing everything with teachers and students from five different cultures we felt we were really all together involved in the same project. Our students claim that they feel happier and more mature now and they think they are ready to continue to discover other countries, other cultures, and other languages.