IES Playa San Juan - Actuacion AFTI España

7 AL 14 DE MAY0 2017

10 alumnos acompañados de 2 profesores han asistido a la esta que es la quinta movilidad del proyecto ATFI.

En esta ocasión los alumnos elegidos no tenía especiales necesidades intelectuales pero sí han pasado dificultades personales (problemas de bullying en otros centros o problemas familiares en situaciones difíciles).

Allí han tenido una semana llena de actividades tanto en el centro como en excursiones que nos hicieron volver enriquecidos por la experiencia y con la idea de lo importante que es la inclusión. Como por ejemplo:

  • Orientación por el centro histórico de Mascalucia.
  • Rompiendo el hielo: Con diferentes juegos organizados por el departamento de orientación.
  • Clase de poesía: Cada país presentaba un poema de un autor reconocido y en su propia lengua relacionado con la inclusión y luego se traducía al inglés. El equipo español presentó un poema de Calderón de la Barca que aparece en su obra “ La vida es sueño”…Cuentan que un sabio que un día.
  • Actividad creativa: Entre todos diseñamos una rama de limonero con mensajes de profesores y alumnos relativos a la inclusión.
  • Conocimos la ciudad de Catania.
  • Visitamos Taormina y su teatro greco-romano.
  • Disfrutamos los restos arqueológicos de Siracusa.
  • Y por supuesto y como actividad principal, cada centro presentó un fragmento de una obra de Shakespeare.( eje conductor en la lengua de comunicación del Erasmus+ ). El equipo de nuestro centro representó los 3 primeros actos de:

“Much Ado about Nothing” ( Mucho ruido y Pocas Nueces).

Coincidimos profesores y alumnos en que la experiencia de esta movilidad ha sido absolutamente maravillosa.

Los estudiantes reconocen que son más felices y más maduros y que quieren continuar descubriendo las diferentes culturas y lenguas de otros países.

Aquí os dejamos sus impresiones sobre esta movilidad, en Inglés.

Marco Dela Pola

I am going to talk about my great experience of my erasmus trip to Catania (Sicily).First of all I would like to thank the Piccione family for having me stay at their house and such a great treatment.Also the school,I had a great time with all of the activities and projects we did, the trips etc. My favourite part of the erasmus was that there were a lot of countries and cultures and we were all friends. Also the food in Sicily is perfect! I will miss arancini…In the end it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anybody.


Marta Loureiro


The first day, was exhausting. We had to get up very early to go to the airport. Personally, I didn’t like it at all, since I have an irrational fear of airplanes. After an hour of flight, we arrived at the airport of Sicily. Some of my colleagues left with foster families. But I and other colleagues went to a hotel together with the teachers. Then, in the afternoon, we went for a walk in Mascalucia, a beautiful place, with a very nice architecture.



On Monday, we woke up and went to the College, together with our partners. Honestly, this was one of the best days in my opinion. The people who was responsible for the Organization of the Erasmus prepared an orientation activity. I had to go dressed in a black shirt, to go as well as my team. I truly believe that I have a good sense of direction, which helped me a little to know to read the map. But I could not have done it without the help of my team. While we were going, we discovered very beautiful places. Also, that I was speaking with one of the guys from Lithuania and I discovered things about their country and their culture, which I did not know before.



Today we went to the school, and we participated in an activity that prepared the psychologist, which consisted of meeting people from different countries. Personally, I liked it. I tried to interact with other students.

In the afternoon we went to the city with the teachers. Something that surprised me was the poor state of the roads, which had many potholes. But not everything is bad, something that has made me very excited, has been to see an ice cream truck for the first time in my life. In the city we saw large and impressive buildings, with one of the architectures most beautiful I’ve seen. A surprising thing is the fact that there is ruins in the Centre of the city.



Today was the first day that I’ve noticed the active volcano that there is near this city. It is impressive. I find it very interesting to be one of the only active volcanoes in Europe. We have visited some archeological ruins, in which you had to put too much imagination to appreciate them. I didn’t like it much, a little boring. Then we went to Taormina, it was a pretty nice place. And the Italians were our tourist guides. Better, without a doubt, they have been the wonderful views from the viewpoint. Panoramic views of the coast of Sicily



Today we woke up a little late, so I had a very fast breakfast as well to get to the school at the agreed time. Upon arrival we went to a class where people was letting his imagination flow demonstrating their artistic quality. I’ve done a pretty little flower with the colors of the Spanish flag. But nothing compared with the drawing of a companion that reflected the union, which I really enjoyed. Indeed he has given it to me and I’ll take it to Spain. After completing the class I went to see the Institute a bit, a very strange thing is that they have two pets, but no pets of Teddy, but two real cats, that they go around the classes. They have lot of freedom when it comes to using the phone, don’t go to class, etc. nothing you could do in our school. One thing that I have noticed, is that the level of English in Italy is very low, as most of the countries, excluding the Lithuanians and we, the Spanish. A thing that contradicts everything that people say of the European level of English, now I am proud of the education in our country



Today we have awakened very soon to be able to go by bus to Syracuse, where we visited the Archeological Park, this time, in my opinion has been more entertaining than the of a few days ago. All you could see quite well, in addition to vegetation, gave a very nice color all over the place. But everything was worse when it started to get very hot, since it was impossible to be paying attention. We have at least entered a church, which was amazing, and we have been able to regain strength in its interior. Then we went to eat at a restaurant, where they made a strange variation of pizza but that was very good



Today was the day. After a few fairly boring lectures, which I would not have minded listening in English, instead of Italian (I admit that Italian and Valencian are very similar languages, but being four hours listening and trying to understand a language that you have not mastered is impossible). The fact is that after a break in which we have eaten, we have begun to prepare for the theatre. First we saw the performances of two countries, when finally it was our turn. I was very nervous, because that had never been tested in this stage and is was quite small, with a background a little weird. Everything went perfectly. In fact we received lots of praise from the audience. It was very comforting



Sadly, we have reached the end of our adventure. Today we have raised and collected throughout the room. That by the way, it is very nice, rustic, and still having a technical problem, I was delighted. We have been in taxi next to the Romanians and Turks to the airport. I’ve never liked goodbyes, but have been able to enjoy this wonderful trip I loved. Going on the trip with my classmates always had been a dream, and having it served going to a place so fantastic as Sicily, has been just wonderful.


David Pastor

Three weeks ago, ten students of 4th ESO D and A from Alicante, including me, went to Catania, Sicily. Nerea, Fran and me, David, went to the same house and it was very funny, because the family began to play jokes about Fran and his passion for sleep, because Nerea and I were talking about it with them.

Our time in Catania was perfect, the family was the best we could find. They were amazing, kind, funny. I will never forget Marco’s and Roberta’s family. They organized a party for us and Roberta invited us to her boyfriend’s friend birthday and everything was amazing, the people, the place, everything. I’m very pleased with our host family.

Now it’s time to talk about the Erasmus + project experience. I have to say that the trip was worth it. We met a lot of people from other countries like Lithuania or Turkey. Lithuanians were very kind. We were always with them! The dinners, the time that we spent with them, everything was one of the bests experiences that I have had nowadays. The last day we played the performances, all of the performances were so good, but, honestly, I think that “Much Ado About Nothing” was the funniest play.

To finish my essay I’m going to say that the Erasmus + experience is a very good opportunity to make new friends, improve your oral English, know more about other countries, languages, people, religions… I recommend it, but, be careful with the exams after the trip!


Pablo Manzanero

Our trip to Sicilia was an amazing experience. I met new people from many countries and other cultures.
With that project I could know how they live in Italy and the most important for me was learn how to work in group with people from other places and how to communicate with them because we haven’t the same English level, so we had to learn how to explain something differently so everyone could understand it.
I really liked the experience and I would love repeat it!


Francisco Murcia
This Erasmus Project was perfect because we had things to do all day everydays, at morning we did trips to others towns and atthe evening we visited the center of Catania with the family.
The family was a good people. they are: Roberta, Marco and Enmanuele (the childrens); Ricardo and Tiziana (the parents). They were very very nice and they cook perfect jajajaja.
A prove that they are good persons is that when we arrive, Marco and Enmanuele gave us (to david and to me) their bedrooms and they slept in the sofa and with their parents and thy didn’t complain.
In conclusion, stay in Catania was an unforgettable experience and I would repeat it without thinking.


Alejandro Manzanaro
I remember the day we were going to Sicily, I was very tired but excited at the same time. When I arrived the impressions were not as expected, because I saw a very sad place.
When I arrived at the house of my host family, all the impressions changed.
The locals were wonderful and the food, better! I love pasta, and Sicilian pasta is the best.
I met a very great person, his name is Giulio and he is a scout, he is tall, with blond hair and blue eyes.
His family has a huge heart, I love them so much, they behaved very well with me.
I also met people from: Turkey,Italy,Lithuania and Romania, they were great people too.
The experience that Erasmus+ has given me was amazing and I will never forget it.


Claudia Casal
It was such an amazing experience with such amazing people. It has helped me to learn more about other cultures.
It was nice to learn new languages and try to communicate with people who didn’t know English.
I would like to go back and live again everything we have done and visited there! I will never forget this awesome opportunity that I had been given!


Nerea Pascual
This ERASMUS+ Project was the best experience that I ever had. For a week, I learnt how to life in a big family. I shared my room with my host sister and I had brothers too. I also met some incredible people from differents parts of Europe. Thank you so much for having made me part of this amazing project.


Claudia Torres

«All Together For Inclusion” has definetely been one of the best experiences in my life. I’ve met a lot of new people from different nationalities and cultures. I would have liked to stay with a host family because I feel like the people that stayed in one have a stronger relationship with other students and that they had lived the complete experience. Anyway this project helped me to be less shy when I’m around new people and I’ve practice a lot of English. I’m extremetly grateful to everyone who has participated in this project and made it an amazing experience. I can’t explain with words how grateful I am.

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