En este 2018 hemos celebrado el 200 aniversario de la publicación de la novela de Mary Shelley "Frankenstein o el moderno Prometeo", uno de los monstruos más populares de la historia de la  literatura. Marco Dela Pola (2 Bach B) nos cuenta sus impresiones sobre la obra



BY MARCO DE LA POLA, 2nd BAC B. Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelley in 1818, the story is about a scientist, Victor Frankenstein, this scientist through various experiments is able to create a living being of separate dead body pieces from human beings. This being turns in to a monster, not only because of his giant and horrific appearance, but also his lack of love and companionship.

I personally think it´s great the way that Frankenstein creates a living thing out of nothing, it is kind of sad when the being he creates doesn’t receive any love or attention from his creator and that turns him in to the monster that he is considered to be. I think Frankenstein is selfish because he created a living thing and then didn’t care to take care of it, instead allowing it to run away and commit all those crimes.

It sounds as if the creature is free of guilt but after running away and discovering the world, he realizes humans fear him and hate him, so he fears them too. A few months later, after living in the woods and hiding in a house, he decides to find his creator, but not to be friends with him, he wants to make him create another female creature so that he doesn’t feel so lonely. Victor realizing that since this creature is evil, the other one will also surely be evil, he decides not to create her. This enrages the creature, producing such hate in him that causes the deaths of all of Victor´s loved ones.

Knowing that, I think they are both wrong, Victor should have never created such a monster and the creature could have accepted its fate and not killed anyone.

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