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On Tuesday, when we arrived at the school we attended a solfeo class of our host friends, it was very beautiful and we also listened to Christmas songs, which are some of my favorites. At the end of this class we went to a Mindfulness-session, it was very interesting and we learned aspects that can help us in our day to day. When we financed the session we went for our snack, which we had in the dining room. At the end of the snack time, we returned to class and attended an aromatherapy session, it was very relaxing and fun, in this we were taught that there are fragrances that can be used for different benefits. They also explained to us that the pure essences, collected in a bottle with a few mL can be made of hundreds of plants, which we found shocking, for the amount contained in the bottle. In this session they gave us a small inhaler that contained two fragrances, this gave off a different aroma. We had another rest before starting another activity, which in this case was relaxing, and they took us outside to listen to the sounds outside.

We also took a picture with all the students of the project, it was a fairly large group, but very welcoming. We ate at the school, like the day before and at the end we went back to the houses, with our hosts we visited a farm that belonged to the father and grandmother of one of the students there, it was very fun to be with the animals. In the afternoon they took us to the bowling alley, there we laughed and had a great time, we all played and took pictures to remember that fun moment, in the same place where the bowling was, played music, and one of the songs What they put was a typical Slovenia, the fathers and mothers of the families took us out to dance, we couldn't stop laughing. Upon leaving the premises, the host families took us to a pizzeria in the area, the pizza was delicious, and there we had a good time talking and getting to know each other more, which is important.

It was one of the funniest and funniest days of the trip.



On Wednesday, we left school at 8:00 a.m. First we went to see Predjama Castle. To be honest, it seemed to me that the castle was quite rebuilt, but still, we were quite impressed. It had very interesting rooms where they showed you furniture and utensils of the daily life of the inhabitants of the castle and the explanations were understood.

Then we went to see an exhibition related to the cave. It was also interesting, although a little more boring because it was not so interactive, but it was a useful introduction to later enter in the cave. After eating, we enter the cave. It was the most incredible. I couldn't believe I was in a cave so big it seemed endless. In addition, animals called Humanfish live there, which I found very interesting and I researched more about them on the internet.

I also found interesting all the facilities inside the cave: a huge Christmas tree, a gift shop, a train with a huge tour... I had never seen anything similar.


On Thursday, before going to visit Ptuj, at 8:30 we had an exhibition about the hot springs. Then, around 9:30, we went to the town, it took us an hour or so to arrive. There, some students made a guided tour of the whole town, showing us everything that was more important and more interesting.

In my opinion, it has been one of the best villages I have ever seen. It had a fairly large river compared to what we usually see in Alicante and it was nice to see the age of the buildings when walking along the street To end the morning, we went to see a hotel that in my opinion was quite luxurious, and we saw all its facilities, as they were related to the hot springs. Finally, we ate at the restaurant hotel, and once we finished we left. That afternoon, we went to the farm of Nives and saw many animals, such as cows, horses ... etc.


After visiting the farm, Nives' mother invited us to snack in her house and we had a great time. To end the day, we had a party from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. It was quite fun, and in turn sad, because we knew that the next day we would have to say goodbye to everyone.


On Friday, we arrived at school at 8:00 a.m and we were talking with our classmates during that week and at 8:30 a.m we started the wellbeing session we were speaking about eating well and sleep the necessary time, at 10:10 we had a snak in the school kitchen also in this morning we were preparing our presentation of what we did and what we learned on this week. Some groups did a vídeo with some photos and other groups did power points.

After finished all the presentations we evaluated all this week and we put everything we loved and what we didn’t like very much. And the teachers of Slovenia gave to all of us the certificates and some presents. Then at 13:15 we had a lunch in school.

We had a afternoon free and we watched some films and also spoke with our partner.

We were at school at 17:30 because we took the bus to be at figaro musical. We had a great time until 21:00 when it was the time to take the bus and say goodbye to everyone. When we arrived to home we were very sad because we will never see them another time.

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