“La Marjal” gymkhana and the "Halloween competition" 

BY BEL CORCORAN, 1st ESO B. Since we are in secondary school, the students from 1st ESO have done some extracurricular activities.

One of the activities consisted of going to a park called “La Marjal” to solve the questions the teacher asked us.

Other activity was a competition . We had to look for a poem about Halloween that was written somewhere inside the school. After finding the poem we had to make a drawing about Halloween.

When the teachers had finally decided which drawing was the best, all the students who had participated in this contest had to go to the Usos Múltiple classroom and the teachers would give the winners their prizes.

I really enjoyed these activities, but in my opinion the Halloween competition was by far the best. It was very exciting because everybody wanted to win a prize and most of the people had done excellent drawings, so the competition was, like, very intense.

For the people who didn’t win a prize, maybe next time will be their day. Some people have no interest in doing this stuff, but for the people who do, I would just say “GOOD ON THEM”.


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